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Steve Madrone

Experience • Integrity • Results


  • Humboldt County Fifth District Supervisor
  • Vice Chair, Great Redwood Trail Agency
  • Vice Chair, North Coast Resource Partnership
  • Former Director, Natural Resources Services, Redwood Community Action Agency
  • Former Vice Mayor & Planning Commissioner, Blue Lake
  • Eagle Scout, BSA


  • Led successful effort to raise salaries for deputies and county employees to increase public safety and services
  • Kept pollutants out of our drinking water and rivers
  • Helped get needed funds for 5th district fire departments to expand service areas and lower response times
  • Brought resources to improve dangerous road conditions and help residents with health & safety improvements
  • Collaborated to increase water resiliency in Trinidad & Westhaven
  • Helped get funding to hire local contractors and tribes for water and sewer projects
  • Provided leadership and support for tribal efforts to improve communication and services from the County

Steve will continue to work for

  • A balanced budget and full staffing of deputies and county departments
  • Affordable housing and solutions to reduce homelessness
  • Commitments from large new projects to hire local workers, pay living wages and protect natural resources
  • A healthy, resilient future for Humboldt County by considering our climate in every action and vote!
  • A town center for McKinleyville
Experience • Integrity • Results
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Steve Madrone with granddaughter Madison
Steve with granddaughter Madison
Steve with grandsons Oliver and Sebastian






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